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to elevate Your Personal Skills and Knowledge 

  • Tailored to unlock the potential and enhance personal effectiveness.

  • From "time management" to "emotional intelligence", these courses offer valuable insights and practical strategies for personal growth and development

  • Development Plan: enhance the performance and motivation of team members and build up the RSBU development culture.

  • Feedback skills: give effective and impactful feedback to develop a feedback culture across the organization

  • Preventing burnout: identify early risks of burnout and prevent it, focusing on setting boundaries, prioritization, and working smarter

  • Stepping into your power: understand individuals' unique power, and step into it to lead more fulfilling lives, and yield better results with a sense of increased confidence

  • Allyship in the workplace: a tool for inclusivity and performance, through increased empathy and a wish to connect bridges 

  • Time Management: Prioritization and Delegation

  • Resilience and Grit

  • Communicating and Managing Conflict

  • Communication Pillar

  • Influencing the decision-making process

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Personal Branding

  • Reskilling & Upskilling

Video game
  • Thriving on Change and Growth Mindset

  • Coaching

  • Managing Remotely, Managing Up

  • Influencing and Persuading

  • Managing Performance

  • Setting Objectives

  • Self-awareness for better leadership

  • Networking skills

  • Whether individuals are seasoned leaders or aspiring to lead, the courses cover a broad spectrum of topics, including strategic planning, team building, communication, and decision-making

  • to enhance the ability to inspire and influence others with confidence and purpose.

1. Self-Development
2. Leadership
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