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Transformative Learning

Welcome to "Transformative Learning" an extremely effective growth path developed by our American partner Legacy!

  • This innovative approach goes beyond traditional learning, which enhances capacity and capability in an evolving worldview. Transformative Learning redefines how individuals perceive themselves and their environments, creating new possibilities for action.

  • It allows individuals, teams, and organizations to  transcend past limitations and beliefs, allowing for seeing the world without distortion.

  • Transformation happens when nothing changes yet everything is altered©

This journey reveals new horizons and inevitably results in transformative outcomes and actions.

About Legacy


  • Legacy is a global leader in transformative learning, enabling people and teams in organizations to overcome major challenges in leadership, culture, productivity, breakthrough performance, and execution

  • Legacy excels in a delivery of learning that goes beyond traditional models to provide the clients with a new foundation from which to design and effectively implement strategic futures.


Although the breadth of management consulting Legacy delivers is broad, clients most commonly choose to partner with Legacy when they need to intentionally disturb the organization.

The intentional disturbance allows for:

  • World class teams versus groups of individuals that are world caliber;

  • The creation and effective implementation of strategic futures that are bigger than anything typically formulated organically;

  • Have aligned and trusted leadership teams that generate high performance cultures, delivering unimaginable results.


Office: +1 415 451-0124   Mobile: +1 415 233-0944



Legacy Transformational Consulting, Inc.

14138 E. Diamondback Ct. Fountain Hills, AZ  USA

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