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Competencies & Behavioral Modeling:
Tailored Solutions for Excellence

Elevate your team to excellence with our customized models for sales, coaching, hiring, portfolio communication management, one-to-many interactions...

We analyze behaviors and skills to design personalized strategies that drive success in every aspect of your business.

Experiential Training:
Learn by Doing

Experience dynamic training that sparks real results. Dive into immersive experiences that simulate real-world scenarios, allowing your Team to learn and grow through practical application.

Gain valuable insights and master skills that translate seamlessly to your Team professional life.

Strategic Customer
Forging Lasting Partnerships

Elevate your customer relationships to new levels with our training models on effective Account management. Go beyond transactions to cultivate enduring partnerships built on trust and mutual success. Benefit from tailored solutions designed to meet your Team unique needs.

Real World Experiences:

Bridging Sales and Healthcare Professionals

Our service facilitates direct interaction between Rep and HCP within hospital settings. Sales Reps are guided by HCP to gain firsthand insights into the real needs of the healthcare system. Experience enhanced collaboration and deeper understanding that address the specific challenges of the healthcare environment

Sales, Marketing &
HR Support
Elevate Your Business

Boost your business to new heights with our comprehensive support services. From sales training to Marketing and HR solutions, we've got you covered. Streamline operations, increase revenue, and cultivate a motivated workforce.

Potential & Performance Evaluation:
Unlocking Success

Discover your team's hidden potential with our innovative service. We analyze behaviors and skills to tailor strategies for maximum effectiveness. Unleash growth, productivity, and success with personalized solutions that empower your team to thrive.


A comprehensive selection of courses tailored to enhance essential personal skills and knowledge,

fostering a culture of learning that empowers and encourages growth,

thereby promoting overall well-being within the organization

Continuing Medical Education

Our Continuing Medical Education (CME) Service offers a comprehensive training solution tailored specifically for HealthCare Professionals.Whether participants choose to engage in our immersive on-site sessions or opt for the flexibility of online learning, our CME service guarantees an enriching educational experience, fostering professional growth and enhancing patient care standards.

Transformative Learning

The strategic partnership with the leading American consulting firm, Legacy, allows us to extend their transformative services to a global clientele.

Legacy specializes in helping companies profoundly reinvent themselves and capitalize on every opportunity their market presents. Interested in learning how Legacy can drive your company's growth?

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Professional Services

Leia Yeterian trainGlobal Professional Service Coordinator

Beyond our core training offerings, trainGlobal extends a wide range of professional services tailored to your needs.

Leia Yeterian

Creative Consultant and trainGlobal Professional Services Coordinator

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